ViaSat Install ViaLite in Angola

ViaLite worked “right out of the box”

ViaSat set up two 7m antennas in Luanda, Angola using serial data and L-band + Reference links.  The ViaLite RF over fiber system integrated with a LinkStar network and an Advantech transceiver system.  The installation also used several ViaLite ODE+ air-conditioned outdoor enclosures.

“Once we plugged the fibers into the appropriate sockets, the system just came alive right there and then”, says André du Toit, ViaSat’s Regional Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa.  “All that we had to do was refine the setups for levels and serial line speeds.  We used the serial links to interconnect the indoor and outdoor equipment of the antenna tracking system and the RF system monitoring and control.  It was relief to work with something that performed right out of the box.  Quick responses [from ViaLite] and additional information provided made our lives a lot easier.”

ViaSat Install <em><strong>ViaLite</em></strong> in Angola
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