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This page contains all the downloads for Classic products:


Note: The ViaLite Classic product range has been discontinued, in line with the ViaLite End of Life (EOL) Policy. A list of the main discontinued products can be reviewed on the End of Life Products page, along with ViaLiteHD product equivalents. For further assistance and queries, please contact us.



RF Links

L Band LRx-L-DS-12
IF 70-140 LRx-B-DS-12
Digital and Wideband LRx-W-DS-8
Digital GPS LSx-Kx-DS-4
Low Frequency Timing LRx-Tx-DS-3
UHF and VHF LRx-N-DS-8
Wideband Link LRx-Sx-DS-10
Wideband Module LRx-U-DS-3


Support Modules

Ethernet LSX-Ex-DS-5
Passive Optical Network Components 74000-DS-5
RF Splitter Combiner and Redundancy Switch LRD-LRS-DS-1
Serial Digital LSx-x2-DS-6
SNMP Network Module LRC-1-DS-2


User Manuals

RF Links and OEM Form Factors

ViaLite Classic Quick Start Guide (Lxx-QS-HB-2)
ViaLite Classic OEM Module User Manual (LRx-xM-HB-6)
ViaLite Classic Satcom Links User Manual (LRx-L-HB-8) – This user manual includes RF fiber optic links with the following bandwidths: LRx-Lx (950 MHz to 2150 MHz) L Band, LRx-Bx (10 MHz to 200 MHz) IF Band.
ViaLite Classic Wideband Links User Manual (LRx-R-HB-10) – This User Manual includes RF fiber optic links with the following bandwidths: LRx-Nx (10 MHz to 1GHz, LRx-Rx (2 kHz to 1.5 GHz), LRx-Sx (10 MHz to 3 GHz), LRx-Wx (10 MHz to 4.2 GHz) including an option for digital channel.
ViaLite DVB-T Link User Manual (LRx-D-HB-4)
ViaLite Low Frequency Timing Module User Manual (LRx-T-HB-6)
ViaLite Metro GPS User Manual (Metro-GPS-HB-1)
ViaLite RF GPS Link User Manual (LRx-G-HB-6)
ViaLite Digital GPS Link User Manual (LSx-HB-8)


Rack Chassis

ViaLite Classic System User Manual (Lxx-HB-9) – This user manual includes the following rack mount systems: 19″ chassis 3U and 1U versions, single module converter sleeve, all power supply options (24 V/48 V/108-240 V).


Outdoor Enclosures

ViaLite ODE-A Outdoor Enclosure (75010-ODEA-HB-4) for Classic modules. – Updated version 06/04/21 (June 4)


Support products (including SNMP Monitoring & Control)

ViaLite Serial Digital Fiber Modem User Manual (LSX-x2-HB-6)
ViaLite Ethernet Link User Manual (LSX-Ex-HB-3)
ViaLite Redundancy Switch User Manual (LRS-HB-7)
ViaLite RF Splitter and Combiner User Manual (LRD-HB-3)
ViaLite SNMP Network Monitoring Module User Manual (LRC-1-HB-3)
ViaLite SNMP Network Monitoring Module Quick Start Guide
ViaLite Alarm Concentrator User Manual (LAC-HB-5)
ViaLite Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning Guide (72793-HB-5) – for 72793 kit (included as standard with orders) Updated version 06/04/21 (June 4)
ViaLite Passive Optical Network Components Guide (74000-DS-5)



ViaLite Classic SNMP Module

SNMP control of ViaLite Classic requires drivers for windows in order to use the USB programing cables.  The MIB file is required to integrate the product into a management system.

Windows 2000/XP/Vista Drivers
Windows 98 Drivers
MIB file


If you cannot find the download you are looking for please contact us directly.

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