GPSensor & infiniCloud

GPSensor is a standalone GPS sensor designed to monitor GNSS frequencies and report intentional and unintentional attacks. It carries out regular monitoring of each site and transmits critical information in real-time over a cellular link to a GPS security cloud, such as infiniCloud.

The sensor features a log detailing:

  • which site is under attack
  • the intensity of the attack at any given moment and how it changes over time
  • duration of the attack.

Regular monitoring of each site displays daily/weekly data such as:

  • the number of satellites tracked
  • quality of satellite reception (SNR)
  • quality of cellular reception.

The GPSensor can be connected to the infiniCloud as an ideal GNSS surveillance solution, taking the collected data and giving a geographical view to determine the extent of a problem, time and location of attacks and reporting of GNSS metrics.

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GPSensor & infiniCloud

GPSensor is an ideal GNSS surveillance solution that can be deployed in multiple locations throughout critical infrastructure sites such as airports, railway stations, large campuses and more.

The infiniCloud management system takes the collected jamming and GNSS performance data and gives a geographical view that allows users to determine the extent of the problem, time & location of the attacks and reporting of GNSS metrics.

GPSensor is also ideally suited to monitoring the health and consistency of GNSS signals in organizations that radiate GNSS signals for ticketing and other applications.

infiniCloud is a GPS attack monitoring and management system. It allows for control and visibility of GPS health and attacks for critical assets whether they are moving (trucks, fleets) or stationary (Critical Infrastructure sites, checkpoints).

Features and benefits:

  • Cloud-based architecture accessible from any web browser
  • Standalone, with no integration required
  • Continuous GPS/GNSS monitoring
  • Continuous cellular quality monitoring
  • Detailed attack data on duration, location (of module) and GPS attack strength
  • Remote configuration capability.

infiniCloud is also available as part of the Focus Telecom GPS Resilient Kit for GPS/GNSS Distribution and Jamming Protection.

  • Mil-Aero
  • Defense
  • Cyber security
  • Security
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