UK Metro Gets Comms Boost from Upgraded ViaLiteHD Links

Like most critical communication systems, city transport networks rely on highly accurate GPS/GNSS timing and synchronization signals to guarantee fast and reliable communications. A major UK metro network is now boosting its comms performance by upgrading its legacy ViaLite Classic links to the latest ViaLiteHD GPS equipment.

The upgrades will allow staff to remain in contact with control rooms throughout the network, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This reliability is critical for the smooth operation of the network, particularly when dealing with emergencies.

High performance ViaLiteHD systems have a number of advantages over the earlier Classic range, including advanced system management, reduced power consumption and more links in each rack chassis.

The metro network upgraded to ViaLiteHD 3U rack chassis units with GPS RF over fiber link chassis cards, along with ViaLiteHD ODE-A4 and ODE-B3U outdoor enclosures. The enclosures are – as with the 3U and chassis cards – newer units bringing more benefits and features to users than previous offerings.

ViaLite Business Development Manager, Amair Khan, explained: “Transporting GPS signals from above ground locations to the depths of the underground network relies on equipment that meets high reliability standards. With the introduction of the existing and proven ViaLiteHD platform there, we expect to see the continuation of this high reliability through the fiber links within the network.

“Our legacy Classic equipment has been working successfully for them for over 15 years(!) and this customer has again chosen ViaLite technology because of the reliability of our systems in providing 24/7 operation.”

Sending GPS timing signals over optical fiber to connect widely separated base stations allows them all to be kept perfectly synchronized, which is necessary for mobile handsets to make the most effective use of the radio spectrum.

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UK Metro Gets Comms Boost from Upgraded <strong><em>ViaLiteHD</strong></em> Links
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