ViaLite Provides Equivalent Fiber-Span Products

ViaLite can provide equivalent RF over fiber products that are no longer available from Fiber-Span.

Amongst other businesses, ViaLite has previously supported a Fortune 500 company with GPS RF over fiber links to directly replace the links it had from Fiber-Span. The company decided to upgrade their links to ViaLite’s to ensure continuity of supply and support going forwards after the Fiber-Span products became unavailable.

The ViaLite links provide accurate timing and synchronization for base station equipment, five nines (99.999%) reliability and peace of mind thanks to ViaLite’s 5-year product warranty and dedicated customer support team. The replacement links are used to transport GPS signals from the company’s skyscrapers roofs to time servers located in the basements.

Craig Somach, Director of Sales, commented: “ViaLite has multiple RF over fiber solutions that can easily replace the functionality of many solutions previously supplied by Fiber-Span.

ViaLite‘s products are state-of-the art, smaller in size and instantly provide an upgrade in performance and reliability upon Fiber-Span’s. Our products also come with full engineering solutions support and an industry leading, 5-year warranty; included as standard.”

ViaLiteHD product equivalents to Fiber-Span products include:

Fiber-Span productViaLite equivalent
Chassis3U Rack Chassis, PN: HRK3S
Tx moduleTx module, either a HRT-N1-8R-05-S1310 or HRT-N1-8M-05-S1310
Rx moduleRx module, either a HRR-N1-8R-05 or HRR-N1-8M-05
FS-3000T-GPSGPS RF over fiber link, PN: HRT-G1-8M-10-S1310

ViaLite is a trusted RF over fiber manufacturer and has been trading globally since 1999.


<em><strong>ViaLite</em></strong> Provides Equivalent Fiber-Span Products
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