ViaLite Timing Modules Used in AM Rebroadcast System

When driving through tunnels, AM radio signals are blocked out by dense matter such as hills and buildings, resulting in drivers temporarily being unable to listen to their chosen radio station. In Hong Kong, BAI Communications, a specialist in designing, building, operating and maintaining communications infrastructure, developed a rebroadcast system which reproduced the AM radio signals that had previously been blocked.

In order to achieve this, ViaLite was approached to provide a solution which could be integrated into the system. Its Blue OEM timing module was chosen as a viable option as it goes up to 50 MHz. The Blue OEM module can also be used for other applications, with frequencies of up to 4.2 GHz.

The end result was a system which could repeat the AM radio signals, which transmit in a frequency range of between 550 kHz and 1.72 MHz, allowing for uninterrupted coverage of AM radio signals.

ViaLite APAC Sales Manager John Meyers said: “The diversity of form factors and frequency ranges in the ViaLite product range sometimes leads to creative implementations by our customers. BAI has used our popular Blue modules, originally intended to transport GPS signals over fiber, to carry and re-broadcast commercial AM radio signals in tunnels.”


<em><strong>ViaLite</em></strong> Timing Modules Used in AM Rebroadcast System
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