Performing a HRC-3 software update

ViaLite continually works to improve our products and software. As part of this, software updates are regularly issued for the Horizons HRC-3 Monitoring & Control module, which is used to fully manage ViaLiteHD RF over fiber systems.

Download this Guide in PDF format.

In order to update the HRC-3 software the following instructions should be followed.

1. Log into the HRC-3 using a suitable web browser (e.g. Chrome) and the technician login details.

Username: Technician
Password: tech

HRC-3 web GUI software version

Fig. 1 HRC-3 Web GUI software version. Click here to expand.

2. Check the current software version by clicking on the HRC-3 image in the GUI.

Status > Inventory > Software version

3. Scroll down to “Time and Date” and check that the time and date are set correctly.

If the time and date are at default (1970) then this will need to be corrected before the update can proceed. Use the “Synchronize Time with PC” button or manually enter the time and date in the relevant fields, then click apply.

HRC-3 web GUI time and date

Fig. 2 HRC-3 Web GUI Time and Date. Click here to expand.

Some early versions of the HRC-3 software require that the time and date be set using an SSH Terminal. If you are unable to set the time and date using the web GUI, please see the section at the end of this guide on setting the time and date using SSH.

4. Download the new Bin file available at

On this web page, scroll down to the Monitoring & Control Software files and select the Horizons HRC-3 file (this will be the latest available version).

Open the zip file that is downloaded and extract the Bin file. Save the Bin file to your PC.

5. Go back into the Web GUI and select the “update” section in the top banner of the Web GUI.

HRC-3 update selection

Fig. 3 HRC-3 Update selection. Click here to expand.

6. In the software update box that appears, go into the “File Upload” section and use the “Choose File” button to select the Bin file you have just saved to your PC.

7. Click upload and after a few moments (around 15 seconds) the button will change to “Click to Apply Update and Reset”. Click this button to install the update.

HRC-3 file upload

Fig. 4 HRC-3 File Upload. Click here to expand.

The update will take around 3 minutes to complete.

The Web GUI will default to the login screen whilst the update is progressing.

After approximately 3 minutes, the update will be complete. Log back in and check the software version in the System Status – Inventory screen. This should now match the newest version available on the website under downloads/software.


FTP Upload Method

The upload can be completed using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) method as an alternative. Details can be found in the Horizons M&C module user manual available here.


Setting the Time and Date using an SSH Terminal

If you are unable to set the time and date in the Web GUI:

1. Open an SSH Terminal (such as PuTTY). Select SSH connection and enter the IP address of your HRC module (chassis).

2. In the login command window that appears, type in the login and password.

Username: Technician
Password: tech

3. You will now be presented with the ViaLite command prompt. Use ‘Help’ or ‘?’ to see the list of available commands.

PuTTY configuration

Fig 5. PuTTY configuration. Click here to expand.

4. Enter the date using the command >>sys_date YYYY-MM-DD

5. Enter the time using the command >>sys_time hh:mm:ss

6. Check the system time and date has updated using the command >>sys_date (this will show you the set date & time).

7. Once the time and date is set in this manner, exit the command line interface using the command >>exit. This will close the PuTTY window and exit from the system.

8. Go back into the web GUI to confirm that the time and date has been set correctly. The software update can now be completed following the instructions above.

PuTTY command line prompt

Fig. 6 PuTTY command line prompt. Click here to expand.


Download this Guide in PDF format.

For assistance, please contact our dedicated Technical Support team, by emailing or by phoning +44 (0) 1793 784389.

Performing a HRC-3 software update
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