ViaLite RF over fiber links are used in the satellite industry to transport satellite signals to/from antennas from/to control rooms.  The links can be operated in both the transmit or receive paths, and are typically intermediate frequency (IF) L-Band HTS,  70-140 MHz, C-Band or S-Band for Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) as well as 10 MHz reference links.

The process converts the RF electrical signal to laser light which then travels down the fiber to the receiver where it is converted back to an RF electrical signal.

ViaLite is a market leader in satcom RF over fiber equipment and is used by the top 5 teleport operators in the world.


The receive chain

This typically has an LNB or an LNA coupled to a down convertor to take the satellite signal from C, X, Ku or Ka-band down to the IF frequency (either 70/140 MHz or L-Band HTS).  The signal is then transported across the fiber to the Network Operations Center (NOC) where it is changed back to RF signal and sent to a switch matrix or straight to a demodulator.

The uplink chain

Typically the signal comes from the modulator in an IF (L-Band HTS or 70/140 MHz) and is then converted to light to go across the site to an Up-convertor or a BUC which takes the L-band signal and converts or converts and amplifies the signal before transmission to the satellite at C, X, Ku or Ka-Band.


Typical applications